St Petersburg.

St Petersburg.

A place I certainly want to visit!

Its definitely on my bucket list… Just Beautiful!

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Can you believe a place this beautiful actually exists? Just look at those pictures! So Amazing!




Something a little different for this list.

The hustle and the bustle of Tokyo. Can not wait to experience it. The lights, the blossoms and yummy food. Love it.

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There are so many places in Europe I wish to explore, and I can think of nothing so amazing as hopping around the Continent to cities like Barcelona.

It is SUCH a beautiful city and I have to say….. even by just looking at pictures like these, it has won me over.

The history of this city is incredible, with many of the buildings date from medieval times. This grandness of this architecture leaves me completely speechless.




The City of Lights.

My love for Paris began watching the stunning Audrey Hepburn in three of my favourite movies Charade, Funny Face, and of course Paris When It Sizzles!

The scenes of Parisian streets always take my breathe away. And I cannot wait to experience their beauty for myself.




The walled city.

I fell in love with Baku while watching the Eurovision song contest in Azerbaijan last year.

The city has such a remarkable history, and is reflected in its incredible architecture. With buildings dating back to the 13th century, there is such amazing variety in design. There are Middle Eastern mosques, Imperial Russian style theaters, and  modern apartment buildings inspired by flames.




The sanctuary on the lagoon.

Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to travel to Italy… and Venice in particular has always caught my eye. The waterways, historical buildings and the Carnival make this city such a beautiful and unique place.

Venice very easily makes my top 7 list, and a chance for me to explore all  its amazing features cannot come soon enough for me!



7 Days, 7 Cities.

The world is such a beautiful place.

I have done a little travel and seen some amazing countries… but I wish to see more, much much more!

There are hundreds of places around the world that I want to explore. But for you I thought I’d narrow it down a little.

Here it is. 7 days, 7 cities.

I have picked my top 7 cities I wish to journey to, and found some incredible pictures to share their amazingness with you all.

So only one question remains… Where to next?