a new year, a new blog.

I have just recently started a new blog… adventures of a history lover. It would be fantastic if you all checked it out! Many new posts will be coming soon!




Find Me.

Yes Finding Inspiration has a Facebook page. Yes i’m really on Twitter. And yes i’m on Instagram!

All these yesses! ūüôā

So go find Finding Inspiration… yes, go check it out…

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I’m Back!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately… life has been pretty crazy these last few months! However, I do want to start up sharing some more inspiration with you again…. so be on the look out for new posts coming soon!

I am always looking for new ideas! So if you have any suggestions for posts or have something inspiring you wish to share, let me know!

Hoping you find some inspiration from my updates.




Inspiration. New Girl.


Music. Laneway Festival.

Flashback to Laneway Festival in February. Take me back! Such amazing music fills me with so much happiness.

The Haim sisters are crazy crazy cool.