Melbourne Love.

Was looking through some photos on my computer and came across these. During the semester for Uni we travelled across Melbourne to many beautiful heritage sites… I love exploring new places in my home city. Melbourne love.



Explore. Art Gallery.

The National Gallery of Victoria. My favourite place.

The art and this ceiling  just breathtaking!

The top photo I took on my last trip to the NGV on my birthday. Such a beautiful place to spend the day.

Royal Botanic Gardens.

Royal Botanic Gardens.

Beauty is everywhere. So always take time to stop and smell the roses…

Street Art.

I know I’ve been gone for a while… life has been quite busy, but be assured that I have not forgotten you!

You’ve been waiting patiently, and here is the next installment of my journey around Melbourne.

Love street art. Always something new to find around the corner 🙂

The Shops.

Melbourne has no shortage of amazing shops… but it is the buildings they are housed in that make them so unique and beautiful.

Every girl loves a shopping trip. But wandering through these historical buildings makes for such a grand experience


The Streets.

I love walking down the streets of Melbourne and spending the day looking at the buildings, the art of the laneways, and watching people rushing around on their own adventure.

No Place Like Home.

So for my last seven day journey I shared with you the 7 cities around the world that I wish to travel to one day. But regardless of the amazing and different things these countries have to offer, my own city is still full of new adventures for me to explore.

Now I’ll share with you 7 things I love about my home in Melbourne, Australia. And I hope you find some inspiration from this beautiful city i’m blessed to live in.

So it appears that what Dorothy Gale said in the Wizard of Oz is true…

There really is no place like home!


St Petersburg.

St Petersburg.

A place I certainly want to visit!

Its definitely on my bucket list… Just Beautiful!

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Can you believe a place this beautiful actually exists? Just look at those pictures! So Amazing!




Something a little different for this list.

The hustle and the bustle of Tokyo. Can not wait to experience it. The lights, the blossoms and yummy food. Love it.

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