a new year, a new blog.

I have just recently started a new blog… adventures of a history lover. It would be fantastic if you all checked it out! Many new posts will be coming soon!




I’m Back!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately… life has been pretty crazy these last few months! However, I do want to start up sharing some more inspiration with you again…. so be on the look out for new posts coming soon!

I am always looking for new ideas! So if you have any suggestions for posts or have something inspiring you wish to share, let me know!

Hoping you find some inspiration from my updates.



Finding Inspiration is now on tumblr… go check it out!




So this little blog of mine now has over a 100 followers. This blows my mind. It means so much to have so many people supporting me and Finding Inspiration. Thankyou!

I hope you have fun here… I’ve had a grand time thus far on this journey.



I’ve been pinning for a while now. I just might be a little addicted…



Find Me.

Yes Finding Inspiration has a Facebook page. Yes i’m really on Twitter. And yes i’m on Instagram!

All these yesses! 🙂

So go find Finding Inspiration… yes, go check it out…

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7 Days, 7 Cities.

The world is such a beautiful place.

I have done a little travel and seen some amazing countries… but I wish to see more, much much more!

There are hundreds of places around the world that I want to explore. But for you I thought I’d narrow it down a little.

Here it is. 7 days, 7 cities.

I have picked my top 7 cities I wish to journey to, and found some incredible pictures to share their amazingness with you all.

So only one question remains… Where to next?



So a wonderful friend of mine told me that she had loved my ‘7 days, 7 colours’ series, and suggested I continue doing them 🙂

So here’s the beginning of a new idea… undertaking exciting exploration.

In the menu is a new title – Explore – in which you’ll find all my 7 day journeys. Ideas so far encompass 7 days through space, under the sea and in cities I wish to travel to…

If you have any suggestions for these lists I’d love your contribution. Just leave a comment below.

 I hope you will enjoy sharing these discoveries with me.

xo Jessa

[All the images used are found through pinterest. Unless I say that they are my own photos 🙂 ]


Broadening my horizons.

Finding Inspiration is officially on Facebook!

So check it out at…




I have created blogs before, but this is something I have always meant to create. I plan to share bits and pieces… books I am reading, music I am listening to, pictures I take, and some inspiration I stumble upon.  So here we are… Find Some Inspiration. And for now, let’s see how this goes….