Music. Laneway Festival.

Flashback to Laneway Festival in February. Take me back! Such amazing music fills me with so much happiness.

The Haim sisters are crazy crazy cool.


Music. First Aid Kit.

Currently listening to…

Music. Healing power.

Such an amazing healing power in music.

one of my favourites…

Music. Mutemath.

Certainly looking forward to seeing them live at Harvest Festival in November!

Music. She & Him.

Some Zooey to start the weekend.

Music. Haim.

 The Wire. Love this song.  Cannot wait for their album!

Winter Playlist!

The solstice yesterday marks the official beginning of winter… and I’m super excited to share my FindingInspiration Winter Playlist!

Here’s some music I’ll be listening to in these colder months. (and for those in the Northern hemisphere, I hope your soaking up the lovely sun this summer!)

Music. Jinja Safari.

Jinja Safari. Just soooo good, had to see them again!

So much fun. Flowers in my hair, glitter on my face, and the energy was just insane.

Music. Eurovision.

Love Eurovision. Just soooo good!

Here are my two favourites from this year, including Denmark’s winning song 🙂

Music. Walk the Moon.

The Forum Theatre on Friday night…. Walk the Moon were amazing.

The excitement in their performance was contagious. So much fun.